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5 Slot On Hold Message - Jason M
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Bank Call Center Recording - Jason M
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15 sec VO for 30 sec bumper-interstitial
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ABB Panel Boards - Jason Manatrey
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Corporate Video D - Jason M
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Christmas Retail Promotion - Train Stati
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My name is Jason Manatrey, Creator of VoiceMail Man. I am a professional voice actor who has spent nearly 30 years in the industry. Companies big and small have hired me for many voiceovers around the world. However, there is a missing, and yet important need out there that is huge to every business that I believe, is being overlooked. Phone Messaging for companies. We have all called in to companies around the world and have heard them. Whether on hold, or calling during non-business hours. These recordings are extremely important and not taken seriously by many. Well I'm here to change that!


Why? Because these messages are the first impressions your customers receive when they call in. Most Voice Over Artists charge anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars to use their voice. That's ridiculous!! And that's where I am completely unlike those other actors. I have one flat fee that I charge, no matter how big or small your company is! How much? How does $25 per session sound? That's right. only $25!


No more clunky, staticky recordings filled with background noise or echoes when potential customers call in to your business. I provide professional voice recordings of phone messaging for your business to use daily. Professionally recorded in my own studio.


How does it work?

 - You email me at with a script you would like me to read and in what style and pace.

 - I will record that script in whatever format you would like. (MP3, Wav, etc.)

 - I then email the final copy to you for approval.

 - Once approved, you pay me $25 and you are done!


Not sure if I'm the right guy? Click on the samples below the logo  to hear some examples.

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